Once-in-a-Generation Transformation

Intel® Optane™ technology delivers unprecedented storage and memory solutions. With an industry-leading combination of low latency, high endurance, high quality of service (QoS), and high throughput, we're enabling solutions that unleash CPU utilization, reduce bottlenecks, and deliver unprecedented insights from large datasets.

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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions for the Data Centre

Learn about how you can achieve greater agility and efficiency managing data with Intel’s compute, network and storage portfolio.

Data Centre Utilisation

Data Centre Utilisation with Intel® Optane™ Storage Technology

Watch this fireside chat from Intel to learn how having the optimum storage capability architecture, along with powerful processors like Intel® Xeon® Scalable to compute the data, can help your data work harder.

VMware vSAN Solutions

How VMware vSAN Solutions Optimised with Intel® Optane™ Technology Provide Agility and Scale

What are the benefits of Hyper Converged Infrastructures (HCI)? How do enterprises cut down on CapEx on their storage infrastructure, but still manage the huge growth in data and scale with it? Watch this fireside chat to learn how a vSAN solution optimized with Intel® Optane™ technology, provides the latest innovations and agility for businesses.

Optimize for End-Users

Learn how virtualized service delivery is transforming end-user computing.

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Streamline Patients’ Experience

Learn how Intel® Optane™ SSDs helped drastically reduce MRI exam times.

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10 Reasons to Deploy Intel® Optane™ Technology in the Data Center

See 10 ways that Intel® Optane™ technology can make a difference for your business.

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Join the Storage Revolution

Learn how Intel's innovative technologies can help prepare your business for the future.

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Your Data on Intel

See how our industry leading data-centric portfolio can help you modernize your infrastructure and accelerate data insights.

Transform your Data-centric workloads