DSP Video Solutions

DSP Video Solutions

Your video system design starts here.

Before you start your next video system design, check out the largest, most comprehensive collection of video solutions in the FPGA industry.

By building your next design using our video intellectual property (IP), reference designs, and development kits, you'll be able to take full advantage of our innovative FPGA features, including:

  • Inherently parallel digital signal processing (DSP) blocks
  • An abundance of embedded memory blocks
  • A large number of registers
  • High-speed DDR memory interfaces

Video: Streamline Your Video Processing Apps with Design Examples

5 minutes

Watch this demo of a low-cost touch screen development kit running two design examples based on our Video and Image Processing Suite of IP cores. See the Video and Image Processing Suite’s de-interlacing, scaling, and real-time resizing functions in action.

Jenny Gendron, Altera

Our video system solutions consist of multiple components to help you create the most dependable system design and complete development quickly as listed below:

Video design framework—This is a combination of IP cores, interface standards, reference design, and system-level design tools that are developed to enable a plug-and-play video system design flow.

Video and Image Processing IP Suite—This is a collection of MegaCore* functions that you can connect together to design and build video systems. In addition, designs built using this video design framework are open, allowing you to easily replace our IP with your own custom function block.

Video reference designs -Reference designs are created by us and our partners and built using our video design framework. This substantial suite of image format conversion reference designs are hardware verified and available immediately to serve as the starting point for your application.

DSP and video development kits -Development kits are also designed by us and our partners to help you prototype your video system design. These kits support a range of video I/O formats, such as serial digital interface (SDI), Advanced Switching Interconnect (ASI), digital video interface (DVI), high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), composite video, and VGA, and are based on our highly regarded Stratix®, Arria®, and Cyclone® FPGA families.