DSP Video Solutions Reference Designs

DSP Video

Intel® FPGA provides one of the largest portfolio of video processing designs—all built using the Intel® FPGA Video and Image Processing Suite of video intellectual property (IP) cores.

Intel® FPGA Video Reference Design

  • The Intel® FPGA video and image processing (VIP) design example demonstrates dynamic scaling and clipping of a standard definition video stream in either NTSC or PAL format and picture-in-picture mixing with a background layer. The video stream output is in high-definition resolution (1024×768) over a digital video interface (DVI). This design is fully verified on the Cyclone® III FPGA video development kit.
  • Various format conversion reference designs that use the serial digital interface (SDI) video input— used in broadcast and many other applications. These designs feature two-channel up, down, and cross conversion that entails polyphase scaling, motion adaptive deinterlacing, mixing, and frame rate conversion for resolutions up to 1080p. These designs have been verified on the Stratix® IV GX FPGA Development Kit.
  • 4K upscaling video conversion reference design ›
  • UDX reference design on Stratix® V GX FPGA Development Kit and Arria® V GX FPGA Starter Kit with the latest DisplayPort v1.1a integration.

Bitec Video Reference Design

Intel® FPGA's partner Bitec has developed multiple reference designs that work with Cyclone® III FPGA Video Development Kit. Scroll to the bottom of Bitec's development kit page to get designs that showcase color space conversion, picture-in-picture, four-channel video compositing, and a 1080p H.264 encoder design.

Microtronix Reference Design

Intel® FPGA's partner Microtronix has also developed a portfolio of video reference designs that are available with the following development kits:

These designs use the Intel® FPGA VIP functions in conjunction with high-bandwidth, memory-efficient Microtronix Avalon® Multiport DDR2 Memory Controller for building high-resolution video broadcast systems. The designs showcase motion-adaptive deinterlacing, dynamic scaling, and graphics overlay.

These reference designs are available with the purchase of the development kits from Microtronix.

OmniTek Video Reference Design

Intel® FPGA's partner OmniTek has developed two-channel up, down, and cross conversion with Arria® II GX FPGA Video Development Kit.

Design Examples

There are unsupported design examples published by partners and community users in Intel® FPGA Video Framework Wiki.