SerialLite III IP Solution

SerialLite III intellectual property (IP) is now available - 3rd generation of SerialLite. We continue to scale the lightweight, low latency, high-speed serial protocol for high-bandwidth applications.

Networking, communications, data center, medical imaging, and diagnosis systems, and high-performance computing are utilizing larger data bandwidths to handle the ever increasing volumes and varieties of data that are surpassing today’s existing infrastructures. With the SerialLite III IP, users can now cut out the excess overheads, high latencies, and complexities associated with standard protocols, thereby simplifying point-to-point connectivity.

The SerialLite III, with its unique combination of 64/67 encoding/decoding scheme and the use of hardened device datapath blocks, provides users enhanced Bit Error Rate (BER) optimization capability, reduced resource utilizations, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition, the SerialLite III provides many error monitoring and detection and error injection capabilities that provide additional robustness for new, more intelligent equipment that users are requiring.

Figure 1. The SerialLite III Block Diagram

Figure 2. Typical Application for the SerialLite III

Typical Applications for the SerialLite III

  • Networking and communications equipment
  • Wireless infrastructures
  • High-resolution data transfer and processing
  • Medical imaging and diagnosis systems
  • Application, file, and media servers
  • High-performance computing and storage
  • Radar data processing

Information and Contact Details

For additional performance, productivity, and collateral information, please refer to the SerialLite III IP web page.

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