Seamless Collaboration, Across Technologies and Locations

Businesses, school districts, and healthcare organizations of all sizes are using the Intel Unite® solution to unify mixed technologies, more easily share information, and improve collaboration. It's cost-effective, secure, and easy to deploy and manage in your existing IT environment.


Better Collaboration, Better Business

The Intel Unite® solution lets you wirelessly connect your team to share materials and collaborate in real-time from anywhere, using any device. Simple and secure, no more wasting time on meeting connectivity issues.

Intel Unite® Catalysis Case Study

Read how Intel Unite® allows Catalysis to wirelessly connect devices, for real-time content sharing, visual collaboration and video conferencing.

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The Intel Unite® Solution Makes SAMES KREMLIN More Productive

By deploying the Intel Unite® solution, SAMES KREMLIN North America eliminated time — and focus — lost to set-up, participant access, and screen sharing glitches.

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IHG Modernizes Meetings with the Intel Unite® Solution

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), a global leader in hospitality, is using the Intel Unite® solution to allow its employees to share materials and collaborate easily from anywhere.

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Large Insurance Company Uses the Intel Unite® Solution to Improve Communications

The Intel Unite® solution is improving how a large insurance company in North America conducts business — meetings start-up and run smoother, resulting in better communications with customers and employees.

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Integrate Teams and Processes More Easily

The Intel Unite® solution helps the geographically dispersed employees of Gemini/KB Systems easily share data and collaborate.

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Why Modern Collaboration Is Essential to Remain Competitive

The Intel Unite® solution builds on tools your organization already has, helps to minimize the need for additional investments, while multiplying the effectiveness of existing hardware and software.

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A Tool for Modern Learning

The Intel Unite® solution supports more immersive classrooms, active learning, problem solving, and collaboration, as well as the wide range of software and hardware existing in schools.

Anaheim UHSD Uses the Intel Unite® Solution to Get More Collaborative

The Anaheim Union High School District (Anaheim UHSD) is using the Intel Unite® solution to improve information access, idea sharing, and the success of its students.

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Seamless Collaboration for Today’s Learning Spaces

The Intel Unite® solution is helping to create richer, more active learning experiences in schools – it's a cost-effective approach that's easy to deploy and use.

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The Way Students Learn Is Changing

Watch how the Intel Unite® solution is helping educational institutions create the right environment for active learning.

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Students and Teachers Collaborate Interactively

The Newport, NH, School District uses the Intel Unite® solution to promote anywhere, anytime learning for student success.

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The Intel Unite® Solution Promotes Active Classroom Learning

The Intel Unite® solution is enabling staff at the Monticello School District to give its students more active and immersive learning experiences.

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How Better Digital Collaboration Can Keep Students Learning When They Can’t Come to the Classroom

The Intel Unite® solution is an open, extensible platform that expands teachers' capabilities, especially for real-time interaction.

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Improving Information Sharing and Patient Care

The Intel Unite® solution allows clinicians to securely and wirelessly share digital information to any screen — within or outside the facility — improving coordination, collaboration, and patient care.

The Intel Unite® Solution Boosts Innovation at Cerner

The wireless convenience and real-time idea sharing enabled by the Intel Unite® solution are helping the healthcare IT leader be more collaborative and productive.

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How the Intel Unite® Solution Works in Clinical Settings

With the Intel Unite® solution, healthcare professionals can more easily share medical information with their team members and patients — all using their existing infrastructure.

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Help Keep Patients Informed and More Satisfied

See how the Intel Unite® solution enables healthcare professionals to share patient information with remote experts and more.

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How a Modern Collaboration Solution Can Help Connect Healthcare Professionals

Digital collaboration across locations and with patients can improve the speed of care during a healthcare crisis. Learn how the Intel Unite® solution can help.

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Improve Content Sharing and Collaboration

Learn More About the Intel Unite® Solution

Intel Unite® solution lets you easily create and manage a secure content sharing and collaboration platform for your organization. Wirelessly connect displays and mixed technology environments so your team can share and collaborate seamlessly, wherever they are.

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Cloud Collaboration

The Intel Unite® Cloud Service gives you the option of having the PIN service hosted in the cloud. So, you don’t need to spend time and resources managing it on-premises.

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