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One collaboration solution to unite them all.

The Intel Unite® solution powers productive and more secure collaboration. Meetings start fast with easy wireless content sharing to room displays and other devices connected to the corporate network. To meet the unique needs of each meeting space, easily customize your solution with options including protected guest access and integrated controls for adjacent collaboration technologies. With Intel Unite® software running on a mini PC powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, any room can become a modern manageable meeting space.

Deploy the Intel Unite® Solution

The Intel Unite® solution is modernizing Intel’s conference rooms, transforming them into smart, connected spaces where employees - both inside and outside the room - can collaborate more productively.

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Extend the Potential of Collaboration

The opportunity to create an immersive and engaging meeting is vast. Through integration across the ecosystem, Intel partners with other collaboration innovators to streamline tools for enterprises.

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Innovate with us

Start building apps today and join Intel’s mission to make meetings more productive. Check out Intel® Software Development Kit and other resources for developers to power new experiences.

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Collaborate and Manage More Effectively1

Sharing your screen with other participants is only the beginning. Share HD video and audio with in-room participants. Promptly switch to another participant's screen, view multiple screens at once, make annotations, and share files on the fly. Use the extended mode feature to share your screen and multi-task at the same time.

Share one screen at a time, or view 2-4 screens simultaneously. Switch presenters with a single click - no more passing the cable or switching chairs.

Use annotations to draw attention to important information being shared.

Remotely manage and configure room solution settings with the Administrator Web Portal for enterprise installations.

Share HD video and audio with in-room participants from Windows* based devices.

Learn More About the Intel Unite® Solution

Discover how Intel Unite® software simplifies meetings for workers and IT managers.

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Get ready to unite your people, solutions, and platforms with ease.

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Transform in a Big Way with Small Changes


Equip meeting spaces with mini PCs featuring Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors and Intel Unite® software to host meetings, share content, and provide one-stop access and control of existing conferencing and facility technologies.


Read What Our Customers and Partners Saying About the Intel Unite® Solution

“The beauty of Intel Unite® software is how easy it is to use. It’s one of the best collaboration solutions we’ve tested. The Intel Unite® solution has made communication easier, powering meeting connections without cables and facilitating collaboration whether employees are in the meeting room or working remotely. It also works with our existing collaboration technology helping us get more out of our investments while enhancing the co-working spaces experience. We see huge savings, time reduction, and a significant increase in the User Experience.” —Victor Ruiz, Enel* Digital Enabling Office.

“Intel Unite® addressed the challenge of providing a flexible, yet high-quality collaboration option. When so many providers attempt to lock the users into their rigid environment, Intel Unite® enables customers to create their own experience. This empowers partners that are able to offer a compelling software platform where they can challenge the norm and bring a new level of innovation that otherwise would not be available in the market. In the end, our customers benefit from a flexible, yet customized experience that is constantly and quickly improving.” - Nate Moyal, FlatFrog* VP of Marketing

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