Big Data Cloud: Converging Technologies

Big Data Cloud: Converging Technologies

Big Data Cloud: Converging Technologies

Big Data in the Cloud: Converging Technologies

How to Create Competitive Advantage Using Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics

The Cloud as an Enabler for Big Data Analytics

Two IT initiatives are currently top of mind for organizations across the globe: big data analytics and cloud computing. Big data analytics offers the promise of providing valuable insights that can create ...competitive advantage, spark new innovations, and drive increased revenues. As a delivery model for IT services, cloud computing has the potential to enhance business agility and productivity while enabling greater efficiencies and reducing costs.

Both technologies continue to evolve. Organizations are moving beyond questions of what and how to store big data to addressing how to derive meaningful analytics that respond to real business needs. As cloud computing continues to mature, a growing number of enterprises are building efficient and agile cloud environments, and cloud providers continue to expand service offerings.

It makes sense, then, that IT organizations should look to cloud computing as the structure to support their big data projects. Big data environments require clusters of servers to support the tools that process the large volumes, high velocity, and varied formats of big data. Clouds are already deployed on pools of server, storage, and networking resources and can scale up or down as needed. Cloud computing offers a cost-effective way to support big data technologies and the advanced analytics applications that can drive business value.

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