Learn How Public Cloud Services Can Enhance Agility

Public clouds offer businesses a way to derive cloud benefits by “renting” capacity and running workloads and applications through a cloud service provider (CSP).

Find the Best Public Cloud for Your Needs

A public cloud that runs on high-performance infrastructure technologies such as Intel® Cloud Technology increases performance, reduces completion time, and enhances security.

Learn Why Intel® Technology in the Public Cloud Matters

An Intel® processor-based public cloud ensures the protection of sensitive data and a performance that provides scalability, agility, and the power for additional cloud services.

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“Sell In” Your Cloud Strategy

The 10 things an IT executive must know about cloud computing in order to drive their strategy forward.

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Is Public Cloud Right for You?

See if the reduced costs and offload management of everyday apps makes the public cloud the best delivery model for your organization.

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Talk to Your Line-of-Business Partners about the Cloud

Use a services-oriented approach to planning your cloud strategy with this quick guide that helps you partner with business to develop an effective strategy.

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How is Cloud Impacting IT?

Cisco and Intel identify the top 10 changes that are affecting every level of IT consumption.

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Planning Resources

How to Run Big Data in the Cloud

Get practical advice on using the cloud as a way to cost-effectively support big data storage and analytics.

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Build a DevOps Platform to Increase Productivity

See how offering platform as a service (PaaS) can unleash developer creativity, and provide an ideal platform for creating mobile apps.

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Solutions and Technologies Options

Find Cloud Service Providers, Powered by Intel® Technology

Choose a cloud service provider who optimizes for Intel® processors and takes advantage of Intel® Cloud Technology for a reliable, high performing, and secure cloud.

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Select a Trusted Cloud Service Provider

Simplify your cloud provider search with the Intel® Cloud Finder—a tool that brings together service providers from across the globe.

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Find Helpful Usage Models with ODCA

Use the Open Data Center Alliance’s search tool to find helpful usage models that other enterprises are utilizing.

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Accelerate Service Delivery: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Intel® Chip Chat welcomes CenturyLink* Cloud guests to discuss IaaS platforms that deliver public and private cloud, and to discuss launching a high-performance cloud platform.

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