Intel’s Security-First Pledge: Strengthening Our Commitment

System trust is rooted in security - if hardware isn’t secure, then a system cannot be secure. At Intel, our goal is to build the most secure hardware on the planet, from world-class CPUs to XPUs and related technology, enabled by software. And we have sophisticated systems to find and address security vulnerabilities in our products.

Intel’s longstanding commitment to security has never been stronger. We invest in unparalleled people, processes, and products, integrating security in the ways we work and everything we work on. As we relentlessly pursue the best solutions to protect customer systems and data, you can be confident Intel is committed to:

  • Unwavering Customer Focus. We put customer needs first in our security decisions. We listen to their challenges and use this feedback to guide everything we research, architect, build, and release. Trust is rooted in transparency. We communicate security advisories and product updates to help customers stay informed and keep their systems protected.
  • Continuous Technology Innovation. New threats will emerge, and vulnerabilities will be found, so Intel is committed to growing, adapting, and relentlessly advancing security. From accelerating cryptography and Confidential Computing, to safeguarding our supply chain and manufacturing operations, we never stop innovating.  
  • Robust Incident Response. We invest extensively in vulnerability management and offensive security research for the continuous improvement of our products. Our Bug Bounty program is a critical way we get outside perspectives, collaborating with researchers and leading academic institutions to find and address vulnerabilities. Intel role models best practices for incident response; when an issue is identified, we follow coordinated vulnerability disclosure practices to release findings and mitigations together.
  • Security by Design. We follow rigorous policies and procedures spelled out in our Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to integrate security principles and privacy tenets at every step of hardware and software development. Intel has dedicated experts driving a security-first mindset that starts with research and design and doesn’t stop until products reach end of servicing.
  • Community Advocacy.  It’s clear no single entity can solve complex security challenges alone. We work with technology partners, academic institutions, industry organizations, and governance bodies worldwide. These efforts support development of policies, industry guidelines, standards, and research to elevate shared security goals that benefit everyone.

We actively work to deliver security without sacrificing performance. Working with our customers and industry partners, we can achieve the levels of secure performance people expect and deliver technology they trust. ​