Case Edits

Edit Case Details

Click Edit Case Details to open the Create Case page to make all editable fields available, or mouse over individual fields on this page. A lock icon means you can’t edit the field. A pencil icon means you can double-click the field to edit it.

You may do the following:

  • Modify the Subject
  • Add information to the Case Description.
  • Change the Severity.
  • Change the Case Type.
  • Update the related Environmental Details.
  • Edit the Category/Subcategory.
  • From the Case Details screen, you can edit the Remove Notification Details

You will NOT be able to change the following:

  • Project
  • Product

There are certain constraints on the file name:

  • Must be 255 characters or less.
  • Must be English or Non-English characters supported using UTF-8 character encoding
  • Special characters other than alphanumeric characters that are allowed are: ( ) = ~ @ { } # $ .
  • Invalid characters: "--", "|", "'", "\"", "<?", "\u0000"

Close a Case

If you want to close a case, click the Close Case button. You may be prompted to close a case by an Intel Agent's Request Case Closure notification. In addition, you will receive a notification to close a case after 10 days if the case remains open. If the case is still open, the system will close the case after 20 days.

Closed cases cannot be reopened. However, once a case is closed, you can Copy the case to capture some of the Case Details to create a new case.


When the case is closed, a short customer satisfaction survey will appear. Please help us serve you better.


You may copy a case to capture some of the case details to create a new case.

Click the Copy button to capture the case’s product, project (if applicable), environmental details, category, and subcategory.

Add a new subject and new case description, and click Submit!

New Comment

To enter comments about the case, click the New Comment button.

Enter your comments in the free-form text page that opens, and click the Save Comment button. Additionally, you can update comments on a case by replying to an email notification. 

The comments appear in the Case Comments section of the Case Detail page with date and time stamps.

You may also search for comments in the Case Commentssearch box.

Interested Parties

Interested Parties are other Intel® Premier Support active contacts from your company, and can be added to a case to receive notifications related to that case.

To add an interested party to a case, click the Manage Interested Party button.

  • Search for the contacts you wish to add to the case. You may insert an asterisk (*) in the search field to list all of the Intel® Premier Support active contacts on your account.
  • Check the boxes of the contacts you wish to add.
  • Click the Done button when completed.

Attaching a File to your Case

From the Case Details page, scroll down to the Premier Support Case Attachments section and click Attach File. Then click Select File to search for the file you would like to upload.

Do not click Return to Case until the Upload Progress bar shows 100%.

Once the attachment completes its download, return to the Case Detail page, and click Refresh to See New Case Attachments to see the newly attached files.

*File Attachments Issue using IE11

If using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), you may get a blank screen when you click Attach File from a case link. If you see this issue please add “” as a trusted website on your IE browser settings. Click HERE to learn how to add a trusted site to Internet Explorer.

Download a File

To download a file from Intel, click File Downloads in the Quick Links menu. This opens a list of files available for you to download.

You may narrow the list down by using the “contains” function under the following:

  • Product Name
  • File Name
  • File Description
  • File Category

You may also sort by:

  • Effective Date
  • Expiration Date

Click the file name to open or save the file.