Firmware Package for Intel® RAID Module RMS3CC080, RMS3CC040 and Intel® RAID Adapter RS3DC080, RS3DC040, RS3SC008, RS3MC044



Flash update version 24.21.0-0067 for Windows*, Linux*, and UEFI.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 4.9 MB
  • SHA1: 6B5AB387CDF3D6EE99A06CC75156C079E6536510

Detailed Description

Supported RAID Controllers
This download supports Intel(R) RAID controllers using MR software stack (RMS3CC080, RMS3CC040, RS3MC044, RS3SC008, RS3DC080, RS3DC040)

Package Information
Flash package = v24.21.0-0067

Intel recommends to loading Factory Default setting after the firmware upgrade which will not affect data on any existing array. To do so:
1. Reboot the system and login to the RAID BIOS Console.
2. Select the controller and select 'Adapter Properties'->'Next'
3. Set the 'Set Factory Defaults' setting to 'Yes' and submit the change.
4. Reboot the system (the default settings are applied).
5. Re-configure to the desired settings in RAID Web Console2.

Firmware downgrade notice
Intel does not recommend to downgrade the factory installed firmware on your RAID module or controller, it has important enhancements and bug fixes you may lose when going to a previous version.
If you need to install an older firmware version, please contact Intel for instructions on how to perform this action.

Known Restrictions
1) This download does NOT support EFI v1.1 environment. Please use the EFI shell command “ver" which will display the EFI version, to identify the EFI version.
2) When 2 or more VDs are created, VD cache settings must be the same.