Developing a Security Strategy for K-12

Developing a Security Strategy for K-12

Developing a Security Strategy for K-12

Explore these frequently asked questions which help identify important areas to consider when creating a comprehensive IT security strategy for K-12 education, including what to protect, common vulnerabilities, and essential technologies needed, as well as a list of available resources.

Additional Resources

Comprehensive Security for Education

This e-book helps educators understand issues related to identity management, data protection, network and cloud security and data ownership.

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Making Sense of Student Data Privacy

This insightful analyst report offers a privacy to-do list for school leaders and discusses the ethical issues and governmental privacy laws affecting K-12 education.

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Cloud Security for Education

Developed for K-12 IT decision makers, this white paper includes an overview of cloud security issues, strategies for addressing them, and solutions from Intel.

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Building a Secure Learning Environment

This brief addresses the security challenges facing educators and highlights the value of multi-factor authentication offered by Intel® Authenticate Technology in education.

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