Cultivating a Strategic Plan for Change

Taking Steps Toward Transformation

The journey to creating a successful learning environment starts with visionaries like you. By developing a strategic plan to drive change, you can bring your education vision to life. So what’s the first step?

The Intel® edtech solutions framework provides a comprehensive approach to developing that strategic plan, along with building a robust infrastructure, choosing the right devices, and sourcing the right learning software. By using the IntelIntel® Education Transformation model to develop a tactical approach, you will find fresh insights, programs, and solutions that help passionate education professionals inspire student success.

The Intel® Education Transformation Model

Grounded in research, Intel® Education has developed a comprehensive model for learning and teaching that includes all aspects of the process, from providing leadership and policy development to adopting curriculum and choosing technology—all while maintaining sustainable program funding and constantly evaluating program success.

Our model provides insights, best practices, and practical strategies to advance your school’s vision of education transformation. By adopting this model, you can successfully effect large-scale, long-term change to realize student success.

A Guide to Next-Generation Education

Explore insights from our education experts that will help you through every step of your transformation journey—all in this comprehensive guidebook.

Success Stories

Education visionaries around the world have joined Intel on the journey to revolutionize today’s education system—inspiring classroom change and leading students to success.

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Lead your students to better outcomes with transformative insight from the Program for International Student Assessment and education success stories from around the world.

Get the best results for your school

Founded for students of the 21st century, Hammersmith Academy created a digital curriculum designed to lead learners into the evolving workplace with modern skills.

Explore the future of learning

What technology trends are bringing change? Hundreds of thousands of students, parents, and educators weigh in on how technology is transforming teaching and learning inside and outside of school.

Explore the technology trends changing education

Need Help?

Intel® Education IT advisors work with you to solve IT challenges in education.

Intel® Education delivers a comprehensive approach to creating successful learning environments. By developing a strategic plan that supports your education vision, you can build a robust infrastructure, choose the right devices, and source the best software for your needs—all keys to driving a holistic solution for student success.

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