Choose the Right Education Device: How to Make an Ideal Selection

Education Devices Are More Important Than Ever

Remote and hybrid learning. Personalized education. Data science, coding, and content creation. And more. Education technology is central to the modern learning and teaching experience, impacting almost every aspect. For parents, teachers, and school district staff, that makes selecting the right device more important than ever.

With the right tools, students can practice real-world problem-solving throughout their educational experience. Doing so, they gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will be invaluable in an emerging job market that’s increasingly shaped by technology, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Typical Student Usage and the Performance You Need

Processor requirements for your device vary based upon the way it will be used. Generally, K–12 learners need more performance as they move through grade levels:

  • Elementary school students will use devices mostly for accessing content and basic productivity applications, so they need a device that supports those tasks without interruption.
  • Middle schoolers are likely to be introduced to advanced skills and technologies, so they’ll need performance capabilities that allow them to explore the possibilities and build their skill sets.
  • High school students will begin to use advanced software for modeling, analytics, content creation, and more—which means they’ll need powerful performance to best apply their skills and unleash their full potential.