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The latest Intel® Core™ processor-powered Chromebooks* deliver productivity and mobility for the speed of modern business today. Chromebooks* with Intel® Core™ processors offer premium performance online and off, so your business can be more efficient, and you can stay focused on growth.

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Master Multitasking

Chromebooks* with Intel® Core™ processors let you open more tabs at once and move seamlessly between business applications—including 3D and Web Graphics Library (WebGL) and Citrix XenApp Receiver*. And because it’s a Chromebook*, simply flip it open, log in, and get down to business with less load times.

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Mobilize Your Workforce

Intel® Core™ processor-based Chromebooks* deliver a smooth user experience. The lightweight design and long-lasting battery life give you untethered freedom1 outside the office, so your workforce can stay productive anytime, anywhere. Plus, Chromebooks* sync seamlessly with Android* phones and tablets.

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Get the productivity and efficiency you need to move your business forward with a Chromebook* powered by Intel® processors.

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