Intel at Mobile World Congress 2017

We believe in the power of connectivity to bring us closer to each other and the amazing experiences that technology makes possible. Intel is bringing together connectivity, cloud, and computing to pave the way for a future powered by 5G and drive the next generation of innovation.

Driving Revolution

Get your first look at the car of the future. Cars will interact with other cars and smart roads to improve safety, manage traffic and reduce congestion. Only a new generation of optimized 5G IoT networks and devices will be able to meet the speed, latency, and energy efficiency required.

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The Connected Life

In the 5G future, big data and next-generation connected technologies will redefine the urban landscape while smart devices will help to make our homes more secure, easier to manage, and more comfortable.

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New Realities

5G will deliver and stream high performance virtual reality experiences with high throughput, bringing immersive content, and a new level of performance to entertainment industries and consumers for experiences such as gaming and sports.

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Next Generation Technologies

Intel is leading the evolution to 5G, laying the groundwork for faster, smarter, and more efficient wireless networks that will deliver amazing new experiences throughout daily life.

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Intel is paving the way for disruptive new services by driving wireless standards and delivering end-to-end platforms that meet the latency, reliability, capacity, and performance requirements for the upcoming 5G era.

Make the connection

The growth of the digital services economy is spurring a move from proprietary network frameworks to cloud-ready, open standards-based architectures that can deliver the agility, flexibility, and scale to support business velocity.

Start the transformation

The Internet of Things (IOT) is changing how we live and work. Linking billions of smart and connected devices means everything from automated vehicles to medical equipment can communicate and share the data that can transform our world.

Witness the change

Artificial intelligence promises to transform society on a scale akin to the industrial revolution, and Intel’s technology and programs will help unlock AI’s potential.

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Visit the Intel booth at Fira Gran Via in Hall 3, Booth 3E31.

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