Own Your Health

The latest in sensor, monitoring, and wearable technologies enable consumers to take ownership of their health. By building personal care plans and sharing valuable data for research, they will help themselves, their families, and their communities at large.

Patient Engagement

Software solutions from Meditech and Intel® processor-based Dell devices help improve patient engagement and outcomes while reducing costs. Accessing and making sense of personal health-related data allows people to obtain a "big-picture" understanding of what they can do to improve their own health, and accelerate the pace of medical research that could benefit us all.

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Patient Engagement Related Material

The Intel Healthcare Innovation Barometer conducted by Penn Schoen Berland reveals that many people are willing to anonymously share their medical data to lower the cost of healthcare. With this information, drug development can be fine-tuned enough to meet the needs of the individual and not just the average person.

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Today as people’s expectations with regards to multimedia access continue to intensify, hospitals and clinical care environments are looking more and more into investigating and addressing the multimedia requirements needed to take patient care into the future by simplifying the integration of point-of-care clinical information and patient entertainment.

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Health Wearables

We are at the cusp of a revolution in wearables and other connected devices that monitor wellness by collecting longitudinal personal data. Through wearables, other connected, wellness-monitoring devices, and the help of care teams, people can create custom health baselines for themselves. They can be alerted about deviations, call for preventive measures, or an acute intervention. They can learn to boost fitness, manage conditions, hasten recoveries, connect to peers, find the right care provider, or save out-of-pocket costs.

Enable individual optimal care that meets the needs of the patient and their care team wherever they are.

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Independent Living

New mobile devices, monitoring equipment, connectivity, and communication options allow data to flow securely and conveniently, in real time, promoting more seamless care, independent living, better quality of life, and faster recovery.

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Independent Living Related Material

China’s efforts, designed to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by its rapidly growing aging population, consider the pros and cons of existing models of elder care and details an emerging care model, a community home-based elder care, integrated with smart, digital technologies.

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Around the globe, healthcare decision-makers struggle daily with tighter budgets, rising costs, worker shortages, and an explosion of data—all as technology advances at a breakneck pace and the business and regulatory landscape shifts beneath their feet.

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Intel and MJFF Collaborate for Parkinson's Research

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson’s Research and Intel Corporation introduce a collaboration to improve research and treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The joint project uses big data to detect patterns collected from wearable devices worn by participating patients, enabling researchers and physicians to measure progression of the disease and create new treatments.


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Using Wearable Technology to Advance Parkinson’s Research

Describes Intel's collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation on a Parkinson's research solution using wearable technology, Intel algorithms, big data analytics, and the Cloudera distribution of Hadoop*.

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A new program will combine big data, cloud, and wearable technologies to find better ways of detecting and treating Parkinson’s disease, the nervous system disorder that causes tremors and affects movement in an estimated four to six million people worldwide.

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Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research are teaming up to advance the search for breakthroughs in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

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