The electromedical segment consists of three key areas:

  • Patient monitoring
  • Ventilation & life support
  • Anesthesia

Patient Monitoring

Patient monitoring equipment captures and analyzes a patient’s vital information for clinical decision makers. Advances in patient monitoring include new form factors that facilitate patient transport.

Ventilation & Life Support

Ventilation and life support is another important arena in the medical sector. This equipment primarily consists of ventilators and drug delivery systems and are tightly integrated with the central monitoring system.


Anesthesia is a life-critical application that needs the utmost human attention, especially while delivering it to the patient. Technology plays a key role in anesthesia delivery equipment by delivering the precise dosage to the patient.

Low-Cost Programmable Solutions for Electromedical Applications

The low-cost Intel® Cyclone® FPGA family and Intel® MAX® CPLD family are ideal for electromedical applications because they provide the most cost-effective programmable solutions for data processing. Intel Cyclone FPGAs and Intel MAX CPLDs also contain system functions that complement available ASSPs, such as on-screen display (OSD) and timing display.

Intel Cyclone series of FPGAs offer designers unparalleled capability at the lowest cost. Designed on an advanced, highly efficient architecture, Intel Cyclone FPGAs feature high density and performance that easily exceeds data processing requirements for electromedical applications. For cost-efficient processing solution, Intel’s Nios® II embedded processors can be implemented in a Intel Cyclone device. Intel's SoC device family can deliver higher perofmrance embedded processing solution.

Intel MAX series of CPLDs includes the industry’s most successful and widely used CPLD solutions. Intel MAX devices, are designed for low-cost and low-power applications. MAX 3000A devices are optimized for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. The non-volatile, low-cost features of Intel MAX series devices make them ideal for functions such as address decoding, system timing, and system bug fixes.

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