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Intel® HPC Orchestrator is a family of supported products that simplify the installation, management, and ongoing maintenance of an HPC system. Find out how the University of Pisa simplifies HPC with Intel and Dell by watching this video.

Intel® HPC Orchestrator Now Available

High Performance Computing (HPC) is driving new innovations across a wide range of industries—from biosciences, to finance, to cosmology and more. Intel® HPC Orchestrator simplifies the installation, management, and ongoing maintenance of an HPC system by reducing the amount of integration and validation effort required to run an HPC system software stack.

With Intel® HPC Orchestrator, based on the OpenHPC system software stack, you can take advantage of the innovation driven by the open source community - while also getting peace of mind from Intel support across the HPC system software stack.

Accelerate your time to results and value for your HPC initiatives through Intel® HPC Orchestrator. 

Ready to deliver innovation, integration, validation, and support across the HPC system software stack.

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The solution to simplifying the implementation and maintenance of an HPC software stack.

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A collaborative community project that works to integrate a multitude of components that are commonly used in HPC systems.

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Maintain Your HPC Software Stack

Whether your organization is at the cutting edge of High Performance Computing or new to using this technology to accelerate research and time to insight, you are faced with the ongoing challenge of maintaining your HPC stack. Learn how Intel® HPC Orchestrator can simplify your HPC initiatives and speed your time to value.

“With Intel® HPC Orchestrator and the cloud, we can address requests faster and with a lot less effort.” 

Maurizio Davini, CTO, University of Pisa


“It took two to three weeks for me to manually configure the software environment for our previous cluster. Using Intel® HPC Orchestrator, I was able to do it in just two days. Aside from a few additions and relatively minor fixes, everything went straight into place.”

Antonio Rago, Academic Lead and Head of HPC, Plymouth University
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“Intel® HPC Orchestrator is designed to work with clusters like ours that use the latest Intel hardware and software technologies. In conjunction with Intel’s Omni-Path fabric and compilers we have seen an over 60% performance improvement per core in real user applications compared to our previous cluster.”

Alan Sill, Senior Director, High Performance Computing Center, Texas Tech University


“It is critical to have the collaboration between Intel and Dassault. We develop and optimize our software to take advantage of their new architecture so we can configure a high value, high performance machine that our customers can purchase knowing exactly how the software will perform on it.”

David Barnes, Senior Director, Dassault Systèmes


“Nor-Tech is working with Intel® HPC Orchestrator software stack as it reduces the complexity of building, maintaining and supporting an HPC system software and speeds our time to market.”

Dominic Daninger, VP of Engineering, Nor-Tech 

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Intel is taking a step to create scalable software environments for HPC users.

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Simplify the delivery of HPC solutions across multiple cloud environments.

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New approaches to simplifying HPC software go beyond traditional HPC methodologies.

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Intel® HPC Orchestrator HPC software stack helps users get more from their HPC investment.

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HPC software helps Plymouth University adapt to many workloads.

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Nor-Tech, an HPC cluster builder, relies on Intel® HPC Orchestrator to build the best clusters for their clients.

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HPC software helps Nor-Tech build optimized HPC clusters for fast simulations.

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Plymouth University runs advanced HPC clusters and HPC test beds utilized for research—from particle physics at CERN to marine engineering modeling. Intel® technology, including Intel® HPC Orchestrator and Intel® Omni-Path architecture, is enabling high levels of scalability, algorithm optimization, performance, and manageability for these complex applications and simulations.

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Elements of Intel® Scalable System Framework

Fuel your insight with a well-balanced, scalable, and flexible system design capable of supporting both compute- and data-intensive workloads.

Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors include a variety of unique technologies that help to improve parallel throughput and overall performance, while reducing energy consumption.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ product family

Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family

Explore how the Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software can unleash the performance and scalability of the Lustre parallel file system and how the Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center family can take storage performance to new heights.

Intel® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software

Intel® Solid State Drive Data Center family

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture offers scalability and cost advantages that will increase with every new Intel platform generation.

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Speed your time to insight with Intel® HPC Orchestrator and achieve efficiencies through a reliable HPC system management software. Boost application performance with Intel's software developer tools.

Intel® Software Development Tools for HPC

Intel® HPC Orchestrator customer video

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Together, the OpenHPC software stack initiative and Intel® HPC Orchestrator leverage can help reduce the time and effort to deploy a reliable system software stack.

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Building on the simplicity of Intel® HPC Orchestrator, this solution will enable your software stack with ease. Check out the hardware and software requirements, and supported configurations for running Intel® HPC Orchestrator.

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The design moves everything closer to the processor to improve bandwidth, reduce latency and allow you to spend more time processing and less time waiting.

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