Flexible Facility Management Based on Real-Time Site Information
Along with such functions as displaying information based on current conditions and facility staff deployment, it is also crucial that facilities such as office buildings, shopping malls, and theme parks that attract large numbers of people be able to mount a rapid and customer-oriented response when unexpected incidents occur. Th...e answer to these facility management requirements lies in monitoring solutions that incorporate devices able to obtain real-time information about what is happening, such as surveillance cameras and detectors for detecting people. Through the real-time collection of information, such as people's movements, number of people present at each location, and the location and length of any queues that form, such solutions enable a flexible response to a constantly changing situation. The technology for site monitoring has also been advancing rapidly in recent years. This has included, for example, the emergence of solutions that consolidate monitoring data from multiple sites in the cloud to enable integrated management from a command center. This provides a broad overview of monitoring data collected from each site and facilitates efficient management with oversight of the entire facility.

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