Computer Vision Made Simple At IoT Solutions World Congress

Extract powerful insights from camera data with UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance.


Cameras worldwide collect 2500 petabytes of data a day.


Businesses like retailers, petrol stations, and bank branches will soon be able to easily move from a cumbersome and inefficient traditional surveillance approach to a real-time and predictive one.

At IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) this week, Intel has announced a collaboration with partners Aaeon*, Milestone*, and SAIMOS* to bring an intelligent digital surveillance and security (DSS) solution to market early next year: named UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance*.

A traditional approach to DSS is extremely time-consuming – if an incident of shoplifting takes place, a traditional CCTV system requires the store owner to trawl through hours of footage to try and identify the perpetrator. However, a real-time approach enables more proactive action to be taken. For example, if a known shoplifter enters the store, an alert could be sent to security staff.

The opportunity is huge: cameras worldwide collect 2,500 petabytes of data a day1, but only a fraction of that is currently being analyzed to produce valuable insights. When you consider that 77 percent of customers are less likely to shop at a retail outlet if they experience a long wait at the checkout lines2, applying video analytics has the potential to provide a huge boost to profitability through techniques like people counting and heatmapping.

As a result, demand for real-time vision systems is increasing as more businesses look to start taking advantage of deep learning and video analytics. But to ensure they’re successful, organizations need a solution that:

  • Processes large amounts of data on-premise and integrates with large-scale software packages, as well as alarm and security systems
  • Is fast to set up and works with any cameras that are already in place
  • Is scalable – when solutions are being rolled out across multiple locations, data on known shoplifters, for example, should be applied across them all
  • Meets regulatory requirements for surveillance – GDPR, for example
  • Reliably operates 24/7 on a robust industrial grade hardware

UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance provides a powerful combination of established surveillance and analytics software running on state-of-the-art hardware – ensuring ease of use, flexibility, and power in a small, ruggedized form factor.

The ingredients of a winning partnership

The components that make up the UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance Solution


SAIMOS provides the analytics part of the solution. Its software, SAIMOS C3 CORE*, provides a host of features useful for business owners, including:

  • 2D & 3D counting and heatmapping
    (Example: for determining areas of a shop where people spend the most time)
  • Facial analytics
    (Example: for blacklisting shoplifters)
  • Perimeter Protection
    (Example: for detecting when someone enters a restricted area)
  • Dynamic Blurring
    (For protecting the privacy of customers)
  • Object Detection
    (Example: for detecting objects blocking hallways)

Milestone Systems

Milestone designs, develops, and delivers industry-leading IP-based video management solutions (VMS). With over 150,000 installations worldwide, 8000+ supported devices, unlimited integration possibilities with an open-platform approach, and 20 years of experience in business, Milestone provides a solid foundation for customers to build their surveillance systems and traffic monitoring.

Milestone XProtect VMS* software comes preloaded on the DSS solution, offering users:

  • Reliability and high performance from a leading global VMS vendor
  • Protection against internal and external cybersecurity threats
  • Flexibility and scalability – starting with up to 8 camera feeds (with thousands of models supported), expandable by license upgrade to XProtect Express+*
  • Convenient system access from anywhere, even on mobile


The solution is built on Aaeon’s UP Xtreme* hardware platform, an industrial-grade computing board that delivers power, a small form factor (just 129mm x 190mm x 78mm), expandability, and is AI-ready. It allows performance rates of up to 4.4GHz and turbo clock frequency at just 15W.

Powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ CPUs and fully supported by the OpenVINO™ toolkit, it’s tailor-made to provide AI at the edge: capable of accommodating up to six Intel® Movidius™ Myriad X VPUs and boasting optional WiFi, Bluetooth, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and Long Range (LoRA) connectivity.


Intel’s suite of silicon, software tools, frameworks, libraries provides a complete ecosystem to support the next generation of IoT video. Intel provides the CPUs, GPUs, vision accelerators, and developer toolkit upon which the solution runs, and acts as a catalyst in bringing partners like Aaeon, Milestone Systems, and SAIMOS together345.

Next steps

All of the above combine to make the solution an intelligent choice for business owners looking to take advantage of the wealth of video data that’s currently going to waste. As IoT technologies continue to progress, computer vision will become a key differentiator, providing real-time actionable insights that can help optimize and future-proof businesses.

Planned for release in Q1 of 2020 in three different SKUs (available through Aaeon), feedback from system integrators is already that UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is extremely smooth to implement. For more information, get in touch with the following representatives:

Product and Performance Information

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