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Today’s interactive kiosks are connected, intelligent, and responsive. Kiosks featuring Intel® Core™ processors support dynamic visuals and touchscreens. Smart sensors, cameras, and accelerators enable even more capabilities that make it possible for kiosks to recognize products, respond to touchless gestures, or trigger alerts based on what’s happening in the environment.

Deliver Real-Time Information and Services

The latest kiosks are designed to streamline self-ordering and self-checkout, provide alerts and information in real time, deliver personalized offers and digital advertising, and collect useful environmental data.

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Interactive Kiosks in Action

Explore how businesses and smart cities are using interactive kiosks to enhance customer engagement and provide high-quality services.

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Self-Service Kiosk Success Stories

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Faster Service, Fewer Branches

With interactive kiosks that let customers manage their accounts, purchase financial products, and receive live consultations, banks can consolidate their footprint or expand into new locations while providing convenient, anytime services.

Interactive Kiosks in Banking

See how kiosks with Intel® technologies enhance customer service and efficiency in banking.

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Infographic: Kiosks in Banking

Take a quick look at how interactive kiosks offer value to banks and financial institutions.

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Convenience and Control at Quick-Service Restaurants

Self-ordering kiosks let customers bypass the line at the counter with a fast, easy way to place and purchase their orders.

Kiosks for Quick-Service Restaurants

Self-service kiosks at quick-service restaurants (QSRs) put control and convenience in your customers’ hands.

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Infographic: Kiosks at Quick-Service Restaurants

See an overview of how kiosks add value at quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

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Intelligent Kiosks for Smart Cities

Give citizens and tourists access to near-real-time information, maps, services, personalized ads, and alerts on public kiosks built with Intel® technology.

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Intel® Technologies for Interactive Kiosks

Intel and our partners power a diverse range of interactive kiosks with hardware and software for virtually any use case. It starts with a foundation based on Intel® Core™ processors and includes additional technologies for remote management, security, AI-enabled vision, and much more.

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Solution Providers: Intel® Products and Technologies for Kiosks

Build visually immersive interactive kiosks on a foundation of trusted Intel® technologies.

IoT and Embedded Processors

Our latest, enhanced for IoT processors offer unique features for functional safety and real-time performance—which helps support AI-powered loss prevention and fraud detection at self-checkout kiosks.

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Intel® Smart Kiosk Module (Intel® SKM)

The Intel® Smart Kiosk Module (Intel® SKM) is a compute module and peripheral interface board (PIB) with high-speed connectivity for interactive kiosks.

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Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM)

This specification and reference design for all-in-one systems helps deliver intelligence and interoperability for kiosk solutions.

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Get Started Today with Intel® Kiosk Peripheral Management Utility (Intel® KPM Utility)

Learn how Intel® Kiosk Peripheral Management Utility (Intel® KPM Utility) can help you build reliable kiosk solutions with efficient remote operation and maintenance.

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