Intelligent Decisions with Intel Internet of Things (IoT)

Intel is enabling a more intelligent Internet of Things (IoT), supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge so they can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner. With Intel as your IoT partner, you can take advantage of our broad portfolio of technology, solutions, and tools to facilitate more strategic decision-making, operational advancements, and industry-defining disruption.

Intel® IoT Customer Stories

See how real businesses and organizations, like Accenture, Sulubaaï, Audi and Akara, are turning data from smart and connected things into actionable insights with IoT architecture.

55 Percent of All Data

Is forecast to be generated by IoT in 2025.1

43 Percent of AI Tasks

Will happen on edge devices in 2023.2

70 Percent of Enterprises

Will run varying levels of data processing at the IoT edge by 2023.3

Three Types of Computing to Launch Your IoT Projects

Put your data to work with flexible, open IoT solutions that extend from edge to cloud and incorporate the latest in AI and computer vision.

Edge Computing

Edge computing can help you overcome the cost and complexity of data movement and capitalize on new streams of data.

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Cloud Computing

Clouds powered by Intel® technologies deliver reliable, scalable performance across enterprise applications.

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AI and Computer Vision

Computer vision uses AI to “see” and interpret visual data and can be deployed in cameras, edge servers, or the cloud.

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Are You a Developer?

Accelerate your path to production with IoT developer resources at the Intel® Developer Zone.4

Download the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Find IoT Solutions for Your Needs

Strengthen your competitive advantage with proven solutions built for IoT. Intel’s partner ecosystem offers more than 130 IoT solutions with nearly 90 percent repeat deployments to date.5 We work closely with our partners to deliver integrated solutions that help reduce the time, cost, and risk of deployments. That means you can make and save money, faster—and without the guesswork.

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Hardware and Software to Harness the Power of IoT

Intel helps you get the right level of computing exactly where you need it for the optimal combination of performance per dollar, per watt. Our wide range of computing options, which includes purpose-built IoT hardware, spans edge to cloud. This gives you amazing flexibility to maximize the value of your data.

IoT and Embedded Processors

Discover Intel’s portfolio of enhanced for IoT processors to help get critical insight and business value from your data with compute resources where you need them most.

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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

This software toolkit accelerates the development of vision applications on Intel platforms—from smart cameras to robots to transportation and more.

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Computer Vision Solutions for Edge Applications

Intel's portfolio of computer vision products offers a robust choice of compute and accelerators for any use case.

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Intel® Movidius™ VPUs

Designed to bring vision technology out of the data center and to the edge, VPUs are ideal for smart cameras, drones, augmented reality devices, and appliances for security, medical, retail, or industrial applications.

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Intel® FPGAs

FPGAs are powerful, versatile accelerators for the edge. In addition to fast processing, high-performance video analytics, and deterministic low latency, Intel® FPGAs offer the flexibility to interface with many types of image sensors.

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Partner With Us to Bring Your Next IoT Project to Life

Tell us more about your IT project needs to help us find the Intel® technology for your solution.

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5Source: Partner reporting to Intel. Intel does not endorse any specific product or entity mentioned on this website.