6th Gen Intel® Core™ for Business: Security and Manageability

Why a 2016 device refresh is imperative to protect your business.

Cybercrime is an epidemic sweeping across every industry on the face of the earth. It’s currently estimated to generate $400 billion a year and businesses from retail to healthcare have been hit by the theft of intellectual property, reputational damage and even regulatory penalties.

In 2015, a vast amount of data was stolen from high-profile businesses and governments, according to the McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report1. “The linking of stolen data sets may make the data significantly more valuable to cyber attackers. What if stolen data from a healthcare provider, donor information, Madison Ashley, and the US Office of Personnel Management were combined and stored in a data warehouse in the cloud? This information could lead to blackmail, the generation of new credentials or identity theft,” the report suggested.

Intel predicts that there are 750 million vulnerable PCs in use today. One of the ways in which businesses can tighten up security is to refresh devices to the latest 6th Gen Intel® Core™ technology.

Intel® Authenticate

More than half of all data breaches start with misused or stolen user credentials, according to Intel. The latest range of 6th Gen Intel® Core™ and Core vPro processors aims to address this pain point as they support Intel Authenticate technology. This multi-factor verification system combines hardware and software allowing IT administrators to request up to three methods of authentication before someone is granted access to enterprise data. Employees can be requested to input something they know like a password, then use an item they have like their smartphone and finally use biometrics such as a fingerprint or iris scan. The biometric authentication is made possible thanks to the integration of Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera (F200) technology and Windows® 10.

Optimised for Windows® 10

Other important security features of Windows 10 devices include Trusted Boot, which prevents malware from hiding from the OS during the startup process. Corporate data is better protected thanks to Enterprise Data Protection built into Windows 10. This doesn’t use containers like typical third party solutions. Instead, it protects data regardless of where it is stored, allowing Windows 10 to act as a gatekeeper and provide apps with access to information if authorised by IT policies.

Device Guard combines enterprise-related hardware and software security features. Devices can be provisioned so they will only run trusted applications; if the app isn’t trusted, it can’t run. Enterprise specific devices are embedded with a compatible Trusted Platform Module, which takes advantage of BitLocker encryption. This encrypts the entire volume — protecting all of the data, including the operating system, Windows registry, temporary files, and the hibernation file. Because the keys needed to decrypt data remain locked by the TPM, a hacker cannot read the data just by removing your hard disk and installing it in another computer.

Upgrading in 2016 represents the first steps in developing a strategy to tackle the forthcoming security challenges. By 2020, McAfee forecasts that there will approximately 200 billion smart devices on the market, which will lead to more potential entry points for cybercriminals to explore.

“Wearables, gadgets, sensors, and other things on the Internet are creating new connections and exposing new vulnerabilities. Every new product that connects to the Internet faces the full force of today’s threats, and we have a long way to go to keep up with the speed and complexity of attacks. Building security into the hardware and software layers is essential for new products to succeed at convincing users to trust them,” the report summarises.

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