Get meetings off to faster start with Intel® Unite™

Faster, more productive meetings are on the agenda.

Meetings at work used to be a simple case of going to a conference room.  Then the audio conference and video conference came along and now, if there’s one word that instantly strikes dread into employees around the world it’s meetings. No matter which company you work for, it’s likely you’ve had your fair share of frustrating experiences.

Do these sound familiar? Meetings which start 10 minutes late because the cable connecting to the big screen doesn’t fit into the presenter’s laptop; or where everyone is waiting 20 minutes for one colleague to dial-in from an airport but they can’t find the relevant bridge number or password. Or no-one can see the slides of external presenters, although they should have been given access.  It’s hardly surprising then that meetings were named the number one time waster at work in a State of the Enterprise Work Report1 by cloud-based management firm Workfront in 2015.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we have the technology to provide turn-by-turn directions to a mobile device, surely it should be possible to make meetings a cable-free experience? Key to making workplace meetings hassle-free are solutions such as Intel® Unite™. The latest iteration of the modern conferencing tool, Unite 3.0, adds three key features to make meetings even easier to set up and more productive:


Apple iPad support

Intel Unite is now available to download for the Apple iPad from the App Store, allowing tablet users to connect to meetings from anywhere — be it a local coffee shop, an airport or the sofa for those working from home. This opens up Unite to even an even larger base of employees, having already been launched for Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1, 10) and Apple Mac OS X.


Secure guest access plugin

Hardware-enhanced security powered by Intel vPro™ technology ensures that all data shared across Unite is encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology. This provides peace of mind when employees connect to a meeting outside of their secure corporate network.

Video playback with audio support

Finally, for in-room participants, it’s now possible to conveniently share video and audio files.


Real-world collaboration benefits

There are numerous advantages when it comes to deploying Unite in place of traditional meeting room

solutions. The headline statistic is that meetings begin 70 percent quicker using Unite — with average start times slashed from 7.5 minutes to two minutes.

During 2015, Intel deployed Unite in 500 rooms and saw healthy adoption, with 97 percent of employees using the collaboration technology. Over the course of three months, 117,000 presentations were given using the technology. During the same time period, the total duration of content sharing approached 36,000 hours. Those are big numbers and such has been the positive impact that Intel now plans to upgrade 3,500 conference rooms worldwide by mid-2017.

Bruce Tufts, VP of the Logic Technology Development Group at Intel, said that technology has helped large groups of employees collaborate: “Our user experience with Intel Unite is quite positive. Now it is very common to have more than 40 people ‘united’ in one room and have no issues,” he said in a white paper discussing best practices when deploying Unite2.

ASUS, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Zoom, and Logitech are among the Intel partners bringing the technology to market.



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