How IoT Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Intel’s Munich IoT Lab brings the power of digital transformation to the enterprise.

It may be steeped in centuries of history and framed by timeless architecture, but Munich is also a centre for advanced technologies and home to one of Intel’s IoT Labs. Bringing together the best of German innovation and Intel technology, the collaborative hub has been harnessing the power of IoT for the last three years. With a focus on delivering IoT projects that optimise smart buildings, energy and the industrial sector, these cutting edge Market Ready Solutions are set to transform the enterprise thanks to their speed of deployment and uniform connectivity, which boosts scalability.

As businesses attempt to keep up with the pace of digital disruption in order to meet their changing day-to-day commercial needs, four key areas can clearly benefit from IoT optimisation. From enhancing business security onsite, to boosting business scalability in order to stay competitive, to maintenance of your business systems and reducing costs with energy efficiency – IoT will turbo-charge performance. Let’s explore Munich’s IoT Lab in more detail.

Get Tough on Security

With a series of high profile cyber hacks in the last year, business security is high on the agenda in the digital arena. Meanwhile, in the physical world, evolving IoT solutions are streamlining security processes on site. In order to cover the necessary ground, on premises security measures require the deployment of a series of monitoring devices with good storage capacity, reliable sensors, and agile connectivity. The Munich IoT Lab plays host to the world’s first wireless, portable multi-sensor security solution. Stepping away from older, clunkier modes of security, the V5 Systems Portable Security Unit can be configured and ready to go in under thirty minutes. This scalable solution is an edge computing industrial IoT platform – suitable for all environments thanks to its ruggedised finish. It is the wireless feature that makes this unit so easy to use – and to add on to existing security systems.

Modern businesses want energy efficient, low-maintenance devices, especially when it comes to round-the-clock security monitoring. The V5 Systems’ Portable Security Unit* is a multi-sensor platform with video, GPS and temperature gauge, boasting the ability to store footage on the device and with the option of storing on a back end server. Gone are the days of recording over old footage, businesses can download their video history in HD, or simply monitor the video live.

Scale Out Operations

As the world becomes increasingly connected, with 25 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020 according to Gartner predictions, the pressure is on for businesses to be able to instantly ‘add on’ devices. But those who expect their new devices to ‘just work’ will be disappointed. Having a highly functioning IoT environment is now a key part of business strategy for many organisations. But with a distinct lack of universal standards to allow for interoperability, scaling out operations was not previously straightforward. That is, until nomos system AG* set out to address the issue, creating a software engine capable of connecting all devices in all environments.

The nomos Operating System*(noS*) with the Intel® IoT Gateway connects all IoT devices in multiple environments, enabling businesses to take full advantage of the benefits of automation with rapid insights. By integrating a variety of devices, supporting a diverse range of automation – such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, energy management, security and entertainment – businesses gain a 360 view of operational efficiencies and needs. Whether it’s an office manager monitoring the levels of toner in office printers and triggering an automatic order for new cartridges once they dip below 20 percent, or bar staff managing the room temperature and ambience via a central tablet, the nomos Operating System can be deployed quickly and on an industrial scale.

“As businesses attempt to keep up with the pace of digital disruption, four key areas can clearly benefit from IoT optimisation”

Be Energy Efficient

Whether they’re looking to clear up their carbon footprint, or generate some operational savings, businesses are increasingly reassessing their energy usage – and looking to cut back. IoT solutions provide the insight, using big data collected on our working environments, to build a better understanding of where efficiency could be shored up. IMS Evolve* is one company harnessing untapped data in order to boost operational efficiency, helping customers to reduce the resources they consume, which in turn could have a hugely positive effect on the UK’s power grid.

One of IMS Evolve’s largest customers is a major supermarket chain, with 3,000 stores across the UK and Ireland. By collecting and managing the data from refrigeration and building management systems, a new stream of data is unlocked and used to pinpoint key opportunities to reduce waste. The supermarkets are now able to save on thousands of degrees of refrigerator over-chill – which also helps keep our chicken drumsticks in tip-top condition. This is down to the IMS Evolve’s IoT platform, enabled with the intelligent Dell Edge Gateway 5000* powered by Intel Atom® Processor E3825.

It can collect real-time operating data from any device and processes it at the edge of its networks; where it filters out the unnecessary data and pushes the useful data back up to the cloud, where it’s analysed and integrated into the customer’s operations to manage risk and waste. The result is real-time, automated decision making capabilities – putting the customer right at the heart of their business.

Fix it Before it Breaks

Waiting for an industrial machine to wear itself out is quite obviously not good for business – but in the midst of digital transformation it is also completely unnecessary. Thanks to IoT technology, predictive analytics is spotting potential problems before they happen. At Munich’s IoT Lab, the Vortex Edge PMQ* system gives businesses this competitive edge. Serving a broad mix of industries, from automotive, to aerospace and telecommunications, Vortex Edge PMQ gives organisations full visibility of the health and performance of their machinery, enabling them to streamline their maintenance schedule’s production processes. It does this by minimising unplanned down time and predicting the best time to perform maintenance procedures.

Vortex Edge PMQ is built from four core elements including a Smart Gateway (based on Intel Quark™, Intel Atom®, and Intel Core™ processors), IBM Predictive Maintenance Quality, an Industrial server, and Vortex Intelligent Connectivity.

With solutions like these rolled out regularly from the Munich IoT Ignition Lab, making smart projects a reality in an instant, this city with its proud history is busy building a bright business future.

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