Get Tough On Security: Partnering Hardware-Enhanced Protection with Windows* 10

Microsoft’s latest operating system offers strong security features that are boosted when combined with Intel® hardware.

Cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated methods for hacking into valuable company data. A major security breach can cause irreparable damage for any business, so it’s essential to do everything possible to reduce the risk of a hack. The days of using a simple password to guard company networks are gone, as more organisations turn to multifactor authentication to boost their security. Ensuring that IT infrastructure is constructed around the latest technologies is vital and one of the first steps is ensuring that operating systems are regularly updated.

Security features are now present not only in applications and firewalls but also built directly into the operating system, as well as the hardware it runs on. “Hackers are phishing and hunting for zero-day exploits, so businesses better invest in new hardware that helps ensure security from the core to the application layer,” says Sumera Baker, a security consultant and the author of a recent white paper on the role of software and hardware in defending against modern cyberthreats. “Security can’t just be in applications, security tools, and perimeter firewalls; it has to be embedded in the hardware too.”

This is the level of security offered by new security features in Microsoft* Windows 10 when paired with Intel’s 7th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based devices. On its own, Windows* 10 offers some strong security functions, but these are further enhanced when combined with Intel® hardware.

“Security can’t just be in applications, security tools, and perimeter firewalls; it has to be embedded in the hardware too”

Security should be a top priority for all businesses in the digital era and it’s essential for organisations to update their IT infrastructure to keep their valuable data secure. Not only is Windows* 10 packed with security features, it’s also further boosted when used with Intel’s security-enhanced hardware – add in the combined effect of streamlined productivity and improved efficiency and it looks like a business investment you can’t afford to ignore.

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