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IPAC N3000 For NFV Workloads

Intel® FPGAs can be programmed to deliver a wide range of high-bandwidth and low-latency functions that augment the capabilities of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) running on a carrier cloud.

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100% Lossless Packet Capture Solution

Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card (Intel® FPGA PAC), combined with the Napatech Link-Capture software, increases the performance of a wide range of network monitoring and cyber security solutions including open-source, third-party commercial and home-grown IT applications.

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Cassandra Database

rENIAC delivers outstanding performance, high throughput and low latency for demanding workloads and applications, simplifying artificial intelligence (AI) adoption while running on the Intel® architecture and taking advantage of the acceleration possible with Intel® FPGAs.

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Acceleration Hub

Take a deeper dive to learn about the power of FPGA-based acceleration.

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Learn about our suite of design tools and development kits for designing, verifying and integrating Intel® FPGAs into your systems.

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Leverage resources such as design tools, forum, tutorials and training on the Intel® Developer Zone (Intel DZ).

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Test your solutions on the latest Intel® FPGA hardware and pre-validated software containers.

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