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Get access to a Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) environment with cutting-edge technologies for your innovative cloud solutions.

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Intel® Cloud Insider Advanced Technology Sandbox delivers a Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) environment, accessible via a secure VPN, where CSPs can leverage their own DevOps and software to build advanced cloud solutions on stable, pre-launch technologies.

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Our Intel® technology team is ready to work with you on a one-to-one basis to guide you through your project setup and evaluation. Contact your Account Executive, or inquire with us at to engage with the Advanced Technology Sandbox today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Intel® technology team will work with you, as an invited guest of the Intel® Cloud Insider Advanced Technology Sandbox, on a one-to-one basis to set up and access your unique environment. We will discuss the scope of your project, recommend an initial environment approach, and help you get started. We’ll stay connected with you throughout your project to make sure you are taking advantage of the Technology Sandbox to its fullest potential.

You and your project team can access your private environment via standard and secure web browser and other remote development and connection technologies. The hardware environment is designed to support using your software stack and DevOps processes. The physical lab location is in Portland, Oregon USA, but may expand to other global locations in the future. Secure, virtual access to the lab is provided with 4 week x.509 certificates, and new certificates can be issued if longer access is needed. Lab access is available for your own workload testing or for testing a specific environment for your customer.

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The Intel® Cloud Insider Advanced Technology Sandbox is a program benefit that is only offered through your Intel account manager. It is ideal for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who want to test workloads on the latest technologies without having to purchase and configure the system. It can be valuable to test new workloads, compare performance between generations of hardware, and test isolated customer workload performance. Priority for access approval will be given to CSPs evaluating new hardware technologies, workloads requiring performance, new service testing, and CSPs evaluating hardware for expansion plans, among others. Please contact your Intel account manager with questions or to get started.

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