Intel Core™ m3 Processor for Consumer Apps Report

Spend less time waiting on your Chromebook* when using your favorite Android* apps.

An Intel Core™ m3 processor-powered Chromebook enabled apps to run faster than a Chromebook based on an Arm Rockchip* processor.

Whether it's for leisure or for your extraprofessional activities, no one likes using a sluggish computer. Waiting is frustrating, and slow-behaving apps can turn fun activities into chores. Fortunately, Chromebooks with certain processors can enable Android* apps to run faster, leading to less idle waiting on your end.

At Principled Technologies, we tested several popular Android apps on two Chromebooks: a Samsung Chromebook Pro* powered by an Intel Core™ m3 processor, and a Samsung Chromebook Plus* with an Arm Rockchip* processor. We compared how long it took each Chromebook to complete common tasks, and found that the Intel Core™ m3 processor-powered device was consistently faster. That time savings grows with repetition—so two seconds here and there could save you hours in the long run.

With the time saved using the Intel Core™ m3 processor-based Samsung Chromebook Pro*, you could make longer strides in your pet projects, or get more me-time in before work. From video editing to collaboration tools, the Intel processor-powered Chromebook responded faster in our tests, translating to a better overall experience for the user—you.