Safeguard Important Data with ECC Memory

Intel® Xeon® processors with error-correcting code (ECC) memory help safeguard your important data by automatically finding and fixing soft memory errors that occur more often with faster CPU and memory speeds.


It's important to safeguard all your important data. Workstations configured with Intel Xeon CPUs an error correcting code memory help improve data integrity. Companies of all sizes rely on the best tools to protect their most important data. With today's fast CPU and memory speeds, soft memory errors occur more and more frequently. A zero flips to a one or vise versa. And system memory is compromised. The immediate impact of memory errors might be a system hang or blue screen, which can result in user frustration and lost productivity.

But the larger impact, data corruption, could be of even greater concern. Corruption of critical data can be disastrous to business performance and company reputation. And it can be costly to recover from. Intel's Xeon processors and error correcting code, or ECC memory, work together to automatically find and fix soft memory errors, helping ensure the integrity of important data. Make sure your workstations come with Intel Xeon processors and ECC memory to ensure you're working with the best tools available, and getting the most from your investment.