Intel® Server Chipsets

Intel® Enterprise-class chipsets for servers, workstations, networking, and other devices are used in a wide range of applications from large-scale cloud data centers and HPC clusters, to networking and storage, to small and medium business. These chipsets enable many capabilities with additional support for enterprise storage and additional I/O bandwidth to address highly demanding enterprise workloads.

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Intel® Server Chipsets

Intel® C240 Series Chipsets

Intel® Server Chipsets products provide data protection, performance, security, virtualization, and power management. Shop the latest Intel chipsets powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

Product Name
Bus Speed
PCI Express Revision
USB Revision
Embedded Options Available
Intel® C242 Chipset Launched Gen3 3.1 No 6 W
Intel® C246 Chipset Launched Gen3 3.1/2.0 Yes 6 W
Mobile Intel® CM246 Chipset Launched 8 GT/s 3.0 3.1/2.0 Yes 3 W