IoT and Embedded Processors

Deploy edge applications quickly with Intel's portfolio of edge-ready compute and connectivity technologies. Enhanced for IoT, they enable processing at the edge to get critical insights and business value from your data with compute resources where you need them most.

IoT and Embedded Processors

11th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro®, Intel® Xeon® W-11000E Series, and Intel® Celeron® Processors

Built for heavy edge workloads and high bandwidth applications, these processors feature up to eight CPU cores, high performance integrated graphics/media and display, integrated AI accelerators, real-time computing capabilities, and design-ready support for functional safety capabilities, on select SKUs.

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Product and Performance Information


Source: Intel. Claims based on a) SPEC CPU 2006 metric estimates based on Pre-Si projections and b) 3DMark11 estimates based on Pre-Si projections, using Intel® Pentium® J4205 processors as prior generation.


Performance results are based on projections as of September 1, 2020

Processor: Intel® Pentium® J6425 processors PL1=10W TDP, 4C4T Turbo up to 3.0 GHz

Graphics: Intel® Graphics Gen 11 gfx

Memory: 16GB LPDDR4-3200

OS: Windows* 10 Pro

Compiler version: IC18

Processor: Intel® Pentium® J4205 processors PL1=10W TDP, 4C4T Turbo up to 2.6 GHz

Graphics: Intel® Graphics Gen 9 gfx

Memory: 16GB LPDDR4-2400

OS: Windows* 10 Pro

Compiler version: IC18

Performance numbers are Pre-Si projections and are subject to change. Results reported may need to be revised as additional testing is conducted. The results depend on the specific platform configurations and workloads utilized in the testing, and may not be applicable to any particular users components, computer system or workloads. The results are not necessarily representative of other benchmarks.


Intel® technologies may require enabled hardware, software or service activation.


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Intel does not control or audit third-party data. You should consult other sources to evaluate accuracy.


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at


Performance results are based on testing as of dates shown in configurations and may not reflect all publicly available updates. See backup for configuration details. No product or component can be absolutely secure.