Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit

The Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit provides an easy-to-use platform for evaluating the Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA technology and Intel® Enpirion® regulators.

Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit

You can use this kit to:

  • Develop designs for the 10M50D, F484 package FPGA
  • Validate MIPI CSI-2 passive D-PHY solutions for both MIPI Rx or Tx implementation within the FPGA (MIPI cameras and IP sold separately)
  • Demonstrate video applications using the on-board HDMI output capability
  • Interface the FPGA to the LPDDR2 memory at 200 MHz performance
  • Read and write to the FPGA’s NOR flash memory
  • Interface with daughtercards and peripherals using the Digilent Pmod* compatible connectors
  • Bridge to external devices through single ended user I/O or LVDS I/O using the through-hole vias
  • Measure FPGA power (VCC_CORE)
  • Reuse the kit’s PCB board and schematic as a model for your design

Intel® MAX® 10 10M50 Evaluation Kit Ordering Code and Pricing Information

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EK-10M50F484 Intel® Solutions Marketplace -


Buyer represents that it is a product developer, software developer or system integrator and acknowledges that this product is an evaluation kit that is not FCC authorized, is made available solely for evaluation and software development, and may not be resold.

Evaluation Kit Contents

The Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit includes:

  • On-board clocking circuitry
  • 25 MHz single-ended, external oscillator clock source
  • Silicon Labs Si510 crystal oscillator
  • Silicon Labs Si5338 clock generator with programming frequency GUI
  • Memory devices
  • 1 Gbits (64M x 16) LPDDR2
  • 512 Mbits quad serial peripheral interface (quad SPI) Flash
  • Communication ports
  • One HDMI video output
  • Two 12-pin Pmod connectors
  • Two 36-pin and one 16-pin FFC connectors (for MIPI cameras/modules)
  • General User I/O
  • General-purpose single-ended through-hole vias (2x5)
  • General-purpose LVDS through-hole vias (2x9 LVDS pairs, plus two clock pairs)
  • Five green user-defined LEDs
  • Four user-defined push buttons
  • Three user DIP switches
  • Power
  • Three yellow power-on LEDs
  • USB Y cable (USB type-A to mini type-B) for both on-board Intel® FPGA Download Cable II and 5 V/1 A power capability
  • Supports a DC power adapter option (5 V power supply and cord are sold separately)
  • Complete documentation
  • User guide, bill of materials, schematic, and board files

Table 2. 10M50 Evaluation Kit Documents Available




User Guide

Information about the evaluation board hardware and optional accessories (such as the MIPI cameras)



PCB schematic, board revision A


Complete kit document installation

Full installation of all files, including the user manual, BOM, layout, PCB, schematics, and all other documents or files


1This kit installation works with Intel® Quartus® Prime Software v15.1.