The Alienware X-Series: Intel & Dell Solve Key Challenges for Elite Laptop Gaming

By Scott Vetter, Director, High Touch Initiatives for Mobile Computing Platform

The Ultimate Laptop Gaming Experience:

  • Dell and Intel know what elite gamers want from their PC. The Alienware X-Series brings elite gaming to thin-and-light laptops, from intense multi-player competition to deep single-player immersion to massive open world exploration, on the highest settings, with no compromises.

  • Dell and Intel collaborated to solve long-standing challenges for laptop gaming: performance constraints, heat and fan noise, bulky form factors and long loading times.

  • The result is the Alienware X-Series—featuring some of the thinnest and lightest high-performance gaming laptops ever made.

  • The Alienware X-Series features proprietary Alienware cooling technologies and is powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors—the world’s best gaming laptop processor.1


No Compromises: How Alienware and Intel Co-Engineered Elite Gaming Laptops

Elite gamers won’t compromise any aspect of their experience. Until recently, this meant gaming at the highest level often happened on heavier, thicker laptops, which generally offered the best performance, fastest frame rates and highest resolutions, while still running cool and quiet for hours at a time.

Today, Dell and Intel are bringing these experiences to thin-and-light laptops with the Alienware X-Series. This is a new product line featuring some of the thinnest and lightest high-performance gaming laptops ever made.

Dell’s Alienware team and Intel co-engineered the Alienware X-Series to meet gamers’ top priorities, with proprietary Alienware technologies and new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors—the world’s best laptop gaming processor. Our teams collaborated on design, debugging, tuning and user experience evaluation to deliver on this vision.

Our goal was simple: create the laptops that elite gamers have always wanted. But to do that, we had to solve long-standing technical challenges for mobile gaming.

Desktop-Caliber Gameplay: How We Busted Performance Constraints

Performance limits have long been the greatest barrier to world-class gaming on a laptop. In our research, 80% of laptop gamers said they need more performance, making it by far the #1 desired feature of this group.2

Advances in mobile performance are redefining what’s possible. New 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors power desktop-caliber gameplay on the Alienware X-Series, with up to 8 cores and 16 threads for frequencies up to 5.0 GHz and incredible FPS on high settings.

By combining Intel’s processors and Alienware’s proprietary engineering methods, these are among the thinnest and lightest high-performance gaming laptops ever created—as thin as 15.9 mm.

The Alienware X-Series is a culmination of our passion for gaming, pursuit of innovation and human ingenuity. For 25 years, Alienware has been on the forefront of technology leading breakthrough innovation. The latest X-Series exemplifies our commitment to bring our best game to the community.

Vivian Lien, VP, Gaming, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

Cooler, Quieter, Longer: How We Controlled Heat and Fan Noise

Overheating and fan noise have always been pain points for laptop gaming, especially for people who want to immerse in marathon gaming sessions. If laptops get hot and noisy, it disrupts the experience, interrupts gameplay or interferes with their stream’s audio.

Enter Alienware’s proprietary cooling technologies. The X-Series features Alienware’s exclusive, patent-pending Quad-Fan design and Smart Fan technology to calibrate each fan’s speed based on internal sensors, for smarter thermals and better performance. In another industry first, the X-Series uses Alienware’s exclusive Element 31 thermal interface material. This can drive performance by providing a 10W power advantage or cool the laptop by saving up to 10W of heat.

More Immersion, Less Loading: How We Accelerated Data Transfer Speeds

Long loading times and in-game slowdowns can take away from the almost cinematic experience of huge, open virtual worlds on the most advanced games. To help address this challenge, the X-Series features 20 PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes with Intel Rapid Storage Technology and RAID0, for 4x drive read speeds versus standard PCIe Gen 3.

This cuts down the time it takes to boot-up a game or load different areas. In fact, for some games, it eliminates loading screens altogether, so gamers can more quickly immerse themselves in massive worlds. Those 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes also enable the fastest discrete graphics, tapping an industry open standard for resizable BAR to power smooth frame rates in 4K resolutions.

A Range of Choices: How We’re Meeting Every Gamer’s Needs

The Alienware X-Series is another key addition to the full range of gaming PCs co-engineered with partners and powered by Intel. Elite gamers can turn to the Alienware X-Series for their primary gaming PC, or they can enjoy multi-device gaming with the X-Series plus a desktop powered by new 11th Gen Intel® Core™ S-series Desktop Processors.

Beyond the gaming experience, the Alienware X-Series also features innovations for greater sustainability. The X-Series will ship in packaging materials that include ocean-bound plastics and recycled materials.

We recognize the huge diversity of the gaming community, and we’re delivering PCs designed for every type of need.

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1As measured by frames per second on similarly configured systems with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11980HK, Intel® Core™ i9-10980HK, or Ryzen 9 5900HX processors. Product prices may vary. Results: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-11980HK scored higher on the majority of the 29 game titles tested. See for details.
2The data is from online surveys conducted in December 2020 in the US, PRC and Thailand among entry gaming PC buyers and intended buyers (sub-$800, or equivalent amount in PRC and Thailand, gaming PCs).