Join the Intel® Connectivity Research Program

Become a member of the community and collaborate with industry peers to create the next generation of networking innovation where performance and programmability can be delivered together.

Advance Your Groundbreaking Networking Research

The project invites research organizations to access Intel® Tofino™ series platforms and software in a scalable way. Intel® Tofino™ runs at 6.5 Tb/s and is fully P4 programmable. Explore new forwarding plane functions by describing them in P4, then compiling and running them. If your P4 program fits on Intel® Tofino™, it always runs at line rate.

The Intel® Connectivity Research Program provides a private online community group in which members support each other by sharing questions, knowledge, and experience. The goal is to expand understanding of networking possibilities and ignite development of innovative solutions that improve people’s lives.

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