Intel® Atom™ X Processors Series

Provide excellent performance on the go with a small form factor, and low energy requirements. Mobile devices can manage multiple activities including enhanced gaming, and produce dazzling images. Built-in security features help you avoid malware, protect your identity, and keep your data safe. 

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Features and Performance

Features to Enhance Your Life

Intel® Atom™ x5 and x7 processors make life easier with cutting-edge capabilities. Context Aware uses sensors and information from the cloud to surface content and settings based on your current situation—such as having the accelerometer automatically track your workout when you start walking.

Stunning Visual Experiences

Take video to the next level with RealSense’s depth-sensing 3D capture, which lets your change out backgrounds and create 3D scans of objects or your face. Intel® Atom™ x5 and x7 support up to 24MP still image capture and 1080p60 video encode/decode. And Intel® Wireless Display lets you easily share what is on your tablet on TVs or other screens, so you can seamlessly play your favorite games or share a presentation with everyone in the room.

Long-Lasting Performance

Enhanced battery life and Intel® Display Power Saving Technology (Intel® DPST) and Intel® Display Refresh Rate Switching Technology (Intel® DRRS Technology) allow you to keep working and playing by reducing panel backlight and refresh rate opportunistically.

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