Intel® eASIC™ Devices

Optimize your custom device solution for power, performance, and fast time-to-deployment with Intel® eASIC™ devices.

Intel® eASIC™ devices provide fast time-to-deployment of logic, DSP or IO dominated custom devices with ASIC level performance, resulting in reduction of total cost of ownership and power consumption with low up-front Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE). Featuring devices with up to 52 million equivalent ASIC gates, 124 Mb of true dual port memory, and 28 Gbps of transceiver data rate.

Benefits of Intel® eASIC™ Devices

Power Advantage

Optimized power consumption for your design.

Time Advantage

Faster time to market and turnaround time than a traditional ASIC, with no PCB change from base FPGA design.

Low Manufacturing and Unit Cost

Require one unique mask for customization to lower development and manufacturing cost versus traditional ASICs.

Intel® eASIC™ Devices

Intel® eASIC™ N3XS Devices

Provides up to 52 million equivalent ASIC gates with 124 Mb of true dual port memory with 28 Gbps and 16.3 Gbps high speed transceivers.

Intel® eASIC™ N3X Devices

Built on a 28 nm process and provides up to 18 million equivalent logic gates, 56 Mb of true dual port memory, and 52 high-speed transceivers at 12.5 Gbps.

Intel® eASIC™ N2X Devices

Manufactured on a 45 nm process and offer up to 5.9 million equivalent logic gates, 16.8 Mb of true dual port memory at 500 MHz and 32 high-speed transceivers at 6.5 Gbps.

Intel® easicopy™

Provides a seamless and low risk migration path from Intel® eASIC™ N2X, Intel® eASIC™ N3X or Intel® eASIC™ N3XS to a lower unit cost cell-based ASIC.

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