Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB)

Today's data centers require unique server solutions that run complex, business-critical workloads. Increasingly, it takes more resources to develop those solutions. Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) make it easier to adopt, qualify, and sell the latest Intel® technology, helping you address the demands of today’s data centers. Choose from workload-optimized, pre-configured system or customize a server for your unique needs.

Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC

  • Integrated, validated systems designed to simplify deployment of HPC solutions
  • Features the latest Intel® technologies in custom and workload-optimized configurations

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud

  • Purpose-built systems designed to accelerate cloud deployments
  • Include certification for leading ISV software, including VMware Virtual San* (vSAN*) and Microsoft Windows Server 2016*

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Business

  • Pre-configured, fully-validated server systems designed for the needs of business IT
  • Choose from a variety of 1U, 2U, and pedestal systems based on specific business needs

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking

  • Featuring the latest Intel® technologies and configured for optimal network performance
  • Fully-configured system is designed to accelerate deployments

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Storage

  • Configure-to-order servers optimized for data center storage
  • Designed to deliver unparalleled density, powerful performance, and compelling total cost of ownership

Configure-to-Order Intel® Data Center Blocks

  • Design a customized system based on unique business and workload needs
  • Select from the broad portfolio of Intel® technologies
  • Tools available to simplify system configuration

Configure to Order Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB)

Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) are purpose-built, fully validated server systems that can help partners accelerate time to market with innovative server solutions built with the latest technology. In addition to pre-defined configurations, Intel will also build servers to your specifications from a list of validated components optimizing the performance and costs when a more custom system is needed.

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When you buy from Intel® Approved Suppliers, you get quality Intel® technology as well as the product knowledge to support customer solutions.

Reseller Benefits

Pre-integrated and fully-validated systems to market and help you enter strong and growing data center categories such as cloud, SDI, HPC, SMB, and others.

Fully-validated building blocks reduce time-to-market, complexity, and costs of system design, validation, and integration.

Configured blocks help you focus R&D resources on differentiation and value-add while accelerating customer transformation to better technologies.

Intel’s proven quality, reliability, and value assist pre-sale customer buy-in while Intel warranty and support boost post-sales confidence.

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