Intel® Arria® 10 Power Reference Design - 30W Core

This reference design demonstrates a complete power solution for a 30W core Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA or SoC FPGA design with complementary peripherals.  This design is an upgraded variant of the power solution design used with Intel's Arria 10 SoC Development Kit design.  This solution is intended to provide a complete and validated Arria 10 power solution, using Intel Enpirion® Power Solutions to achieve excellent static and dynamic power performance and high overall board power density.

This reference design provides complete power tree schematics. Intel implemented the design in hardware to perform an extended suite of system power testing and validation.

Exceeds Arria 10 Steady-State and Dynamic Power Requirements

  • Achieves <±10 mV static AC+DC accuracy
  • Achieves <2% deviation during 50% load transient

Delivers Up to 30W Power for Arria 10 FPGA or SoC Core with Intel's EM2130L01QI

Simplified Reference Design Power Tree - Arria 10 Power

Reference Design Contents

Files Description
Arria 10 Power Solution Reference Design Overview Overview of design contents and hardware testing results
Arria 10 Power Solution Reference Design Schematics

Rev 1.0 schematics

Note: Fully assembled board developed for performance testing and validation. Not available for sale.

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