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Partners can earn points on qualifying systems with Intel Inside® including desktops, laptops, tablets, 2 in 1s, All in One devices and on qualifying Intel components including desktop, mobile and server processors, ODM systems and Intel solid-state and Intel® NUC. Partners can also earn on various promotions offered throughout the quarter!

Gold and Platinum partners can save on their Intel®-based purchases by spending their points on vouchers! Simply purchase a voucher with points and redeem with participating distributors to save on the next Intel®-based order! Partners can also spend their points on rewards including; demonstration units, marketing materials, travel vouchers and more!

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Intel® Technology Provider points are available to partners of the Intel® Technology Provider program only. The Intel® Technology Provider points icon and the points information contained therein are provided for information purposes only, shall not create any obligations against Intel® or any other party and is subject to change without notice. You must verify the actual eligibility and the amount of points related to a product with the valid points matrix on the Intel® Technology Provider Portal.