Create Hyper-Convenient and Curated Experiences

Our era of retail digital transformation is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). By taking massive amounts of data and transforming it into actionable insights, retailers can create incredibly personalized, hyper-convenient experiences that lead to greater loyalty and revenue.

Together with our partners, we’re building the future of retail today—a future in which data fusion and AI provide insights from the first customer engagement, to purchase, right through to predicting demand. Discover what IoT in retail can do for your business.

Generate Deeper Understanding with AI

Serve customers faster and in real time. Intel® Edge, AI, and Vision Technologies give retailers the ability to see, learn, and make decisions in ways never before possible. Intelligent retail powered by AI tools delivers an in-depth understanding of the store environment using technologies like audience analytics, and then leverages those insights to show dynamic content at the right time.

Explore AI in retail

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