Smart Device Management Streamlines Retail Operations

Intel® vPro™ technology offers retailers smart, connected, and remote device management to improve customer experiences and reduce costs.

Meeting the Challenges of Modern Retailing

From providing a unified commerce experience for shoppers to repelling constant threats from increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, retailers face a variety of challenges in building loyalty with today’s consumers. Those seeking differentiation and growth are seamlessly merging digital and physical channels and allowing shoppers to find and purchase products in the way that suits them best, but this requires a greater number and variety of POS devices than ever before. To maintain profitability, retailers will need to find ways to reduce topline device management expenses. And with security requirements becoming more complex, and the consequences of a breach becoming more dire, retailers must also seek solutions that simplify their approach to security, while delivering protection on every level possible.

Delivering Real Value for Retailers
Intel® vPro™ technology—available on a wide variety of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ M processors—can help retailers achieve a unified transaction architecture that can reduce costs and complexity. With Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), IT managers can solve everyday issues remotely—significantly reducing the need for in-person service calls, or the intervention of on-site staff. This can result in both reduced service delivery costs and improved customer experiences. Global IT service provider, CompuCom, estimates that performing repairs remotely with Intel® vPro™ technology can reduce per-incident costs by more than 90 percent. What’s more, Intel® vPro™ technology enables enhanced, hardware-based security measures that can help prevent a wide variety of attacks on the integrity of transactional data.

Out-of-band Device Management
With Intel® vPro™ technology, a retailer’s IT administrator or MSP can remotely patch, update, or repair a device’s software even if its OS is not capable of booting, or if the device is powered down. It also makes it possible to improve your energy efficiency by remotely managing the power states of your POS fleet. When device uptime is maximized, a truly consistent unified commerce experience can be achieved.

Average estimated cost of deskside visit to perform repair: $1871

Remote repair with Intel® vPro™ technology: $121

“At BNZ, we have a strong culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Intel’s vPro and Active Management technologies are a perfect fit for us.”

Paul Johnson, channel manager, ATM and self-service, Bank of New Zealand

Smarter Retailing
Shoppers are demanding a more varied and customized experience from retailers. Intel® vPro™ technology helps make an assorted fleet of devices more cost effective by making it more manageable and reliable. With advanced remote manageability features, retailers can develop solutions that create the experiences customers want without overburdening their IT infrastructure or greatly increasing operating costs.

Advanced Remote Management in Retail

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Source: Intel Internal estimates, Gartner 2014 and CompuCom internal estimates.