Channel Warranty Program

Intel's Channel Warranty Replacement Program is designed to offer consistent, fast, and easy-to-use warranty replacement support worldwide.

Warranty Replacement Program

Intel's Channel Warranty Replacement Program is:

  • Consistent - Applicable to most branded Intel® products and selected spare parts worldwide
  • Fast - Fast shipment of replacement products or spare parts from supply depots located around the world
  • Easy - Online warranty replacement requests or expeditious call handling

The Channel Warranty Replacement Program features two warranty service Programs for Intel® Technology Provider Partners:

Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR)

Intel's limited premium warranty benefit available to Intel® Technology Provider Gold Partners and Intel® Technology Provider Platinum Partners who meet criteria. On receiving a replacement request, Intel immediately ships out replacement products or spare parts to the customer, without having to first wait for the defective part to be returned.

Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR)

Standard Warranty Replacement (SWR) is Intel's basic warranty service level available to all Partners of Intel® Technology Provider. Intel ships out a replacement part upon receipt of the non-functional or defective product that is eligible for warranty service.

Warranty replacement within 30 days of purchase should be made through your Intel® Authorized Distributor. SWR Program is available 30 days after purchase date. If your Intel® Authorized Distributor is not available, contact Intel directly.

Non-functional or defective parts for replacement must be returned within 30 days of the replacement request or the order for replacement parts will be canceled.

Intel® Desktop and Server Board products that are returned due to physical damage via Standard Warranty Replacement will not be accepted and Intel reserves the right to:

  • Return the product to the customer at our expense with a letter of explanation; or
  • Provide a letter of explanation to the customer that details the physical damage and advises the customer that they will be responsible for freight charges if they want the product returned.

Get more information on physical damage or your product’s warranty policy on support and downloads.

Visit the Intel® Technology Partner Online warranty and support tool.

Placing Warranty Requests

The following information will be required to process warranty requests:

  • Proof of purchase
  • AWR service only: proof of purchase must be from an Intel® Authorized Distributor
  • Intel® Technology Provider Program Partner Number
  • Email address of customer
  • Name of the product
  • Product code
  • Serial number-Spec + FPO (and ATPO if listed) for processors
  • Description of the problem
  • Shipping address

Technical troubleshooting

In some cases product issues may be required to undergo Technical Troubleshooting before a replacement order is set up. In these cases, the customer will be asked to provide details on the problem. The customer's case will then be passed to Intel's Technical Support Center for detailed troubleshooting to determine if the problem can be resolved without having to replace the unit. Customers must provide all of the information requested before any replacement can be sent out.

For information on troubleshooting your product, visit Intel Warranty Services.

Estimated shipping times for replacement products and selected spare parts

If you have requested and are eligible for an Advanced Warranty Replacement (AWR), your replacement product will ship the same day requested. If you requested a Standard Warranty Request (SWR), your replacement product will ship after your returned product is inspected for physical damage. Shipping times vary by region and are impacted by factors such as customs clearance, local shipping conditions and/or availability of replacement parts. Once your product has shipped, you will receive a tracking number from the carrier to track your shipment.

Important note: The times may vary due to factors such as customs clearance, local shipping conditions and/or availability of replacement parts. The times are estimates only, and are subject to change without notice. Intel is not liable for failure to ship as estimated.

Other Program Information

Products currently included in the channel Warranty Replacement Program

Intel's current plans are to stock the following products for warranty replacement purposes:

  • Boxed Intel® Processors
  • Intel® NUC products
  • Intel® Solid State Drives
  • Intel® Server Boards
  • Intel® Server Chassis Kits
  • Selected Intel® Server Platforms
  • Network Interface Cards
  • Intel® Desktop Boards
  • Intel® Workstation Boards

This list is subject to change without notice. For more information contact Intel customer support.

Note: Replacements for Xircom Products cannot be ordered via the request form. Customers are advised to call the Intel Customer support phone number to obtain warranty replacements. Customers should also call the Intel Customer support phone number for warranty claims on fulfillment items.

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