Intel’s Security Innovation Is Building the Trusted Foundation for Computing

Security by Design

Security is an ongoing priority, not a one-time event or project. We are committed to helping advance security and performance as the cornerstone of future architectures using world-class product development policies, processes, and tools. Our security design principles require designers, developers, coders, validators, and architects to proactively and consistently consider the security implications of design decisions and to build resilience into our products.

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We Build Security Into the Silicon

As cyberattacks move down the layers of the system stack, software-only security is no longer sufficient. Security established at each layer is only as secure as the next-lowest layer. To maintain a more secure computing environment, organizations should build on top of a root of trust that is established at the most foundational system layer: the silicon.

Intel’s products are architected to deliver advanced security, with built-in, silicon-enabled security technologies that help protect potential attack surfaces. Rooted in silicon, our security technologies are meant to operate beyond the reach of potentially corrupted software, which helps create a trusted foundation for computing that customers can depend on.

Partner Solutions, Greater Protection

Silicon-enabled security technologies help create a trusted foundation that CSPs, ISVs, OSVs, and OEMs can leverage to deliver security-optimized solutions to customers.

By adopting Intel-enabled partner solutions, customers are better empowered to ensure hardware platform integrity, protect their data and identities, and detect threats.

Simplified Deployment and Integration

Intel enables a comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning edge, endpoint, data center, cloud, and network with a common foundation of silicon-enabled security capabilities across Intel Atom® processor, Intel® Core™ processor, and Intel® Xeon® processor-based lines.

Propelling the Industry Forward

To develop advanced, new security solutions, Intel collaborates with developers and the open source community. We work with universities and researchers. And we invest in leading-edge cybersecurity start-ups through our Intel Capital program.

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