Intel® Server Chassis P4000G Family

Sleek and flexible mid-length 4U rackable pedestal server chassis supporting four fixed 3.5-inch drives

Key Features

  • Standard control panel
  • Supports up to four fixed 3.5-inch drives with four hard disk drive (HDD) connectors; optional upgrade kit available for eight 3.5-inch or 16 2.5-inch hot-swap drives
  • Efficient and flexible power supply options including 550W AC fixed power, or 750W or 1600W common redundant power supply options
  • Fixed or hot-swap bezel options available
  • One processor and memory airduct
  • Rack-convertible chassis with conversion kit
  • Optional: rack rails

Target Applications

The Intel® Server Chassis P4000G family is designed with the small and medium business markets in mind.

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Product Specifications

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One 550W AC fixed included Fixed

Four fixed 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives


Upgradable drive options available eight 3.5 inch or 16 2.5 inch hot-swap drives

P4304XXMUXX Supports up to two hot-swap 750W or 1600W, sold separately Hot-swap

Four fixed 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives

Product Compatibility

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