Open Security Controller

The security orchestration platform for the software-defined data center.


Agile Virtual Security for the Software-Defined Data Center

Open Security Controller is a security orchestration platform for software-defined datacenters. It automates the deployment of security virtual network functions (VNFs) such as intrusion prevention systems and next-generation firewalls. By orchestrating security VNFs throughout the data center and across open and proprietary virtualization technologies, Open Security Controller enables:

  • Software-defined security that is adaptive, effective, and agile at scale.
  • Fine-grained, policy-based security for east-west traffic with distributed enforcement at every node (micro-segmentation).

Security Orchestration Across Multiple Environments

Open Security Controller creates a seamless integration for virtual security applications by brokering services between cloud management platforms, enabling the following:

  • Agile security management: Policy-based automation helps simplify security management and compliance and facilitates adaptive response to business needs.
  • Scalable and flexible security: Open Security Controller enables security at scale for the entire datacenter and removes the need for manual configuration.
  • Out-of-the-box integration: Open Security Controller enables SDN controllers and security VNFs to work together so that end users don’t need to do the integration on their own.
  • Cloud security as a competitive advantage: Service providers can differentiate their cloud offering with customized security and pricing.

Enterprise End Users and Service Providers

  • Bring security into the data center (make east-west traffic more secure)
  • Enable better protection against advanced cyber attacks
  • Make security management visible, more effective, flexible and agile
  • Differentiate hosting and service offerings from competitors
  • Add revenue for additional security options

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SDN and VNF Solution Vendors

  • Grow total addressable market for virtualized security appliances in the datacenter
  • Ease integration burden for multiple virtualization environments
  • SDN vendors can attract new security VNFs to work on top of their virtual networks
  • VNF vendors can enter the OpenStack market without significant monetary investments

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