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NVMe* is still a maturing technology. This guide helps you configure your system to boot from an NVMe SSD. It shows installation steps with examples of different motherboard and operating system configurations.
This guide is for use with the Intel® SSD 750 Series products. Settings for other products may differ. Refer to the product page for specific details or see the support site for your motherboard vendor.

File name: NVMe_Boot_Guide_332098-001US_Rev1-1.pdf
Size: 1.84 MB
Date: April 2015


Using an NVMe device to boot a computer system requires:

  • System BIOS configured to enable UEFI* version 2.3.1 and support NVMe boot
  • System based on an Intel® Z97 or X99 Chipset
  • 64-bit operating system that supports UEFI; Windows 7*, 8*, 8.1* or Windows® 10
  • Setting the CSM in the system BIOS (for Windows 7)
  • Intel® NVMe driver
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