Wrap Up for Intel® Galileo Boards


Install & Setup



You have just been introduced to a small and powerful computer that you can control. The Intel® Galileo Board has unique and powerful features that enable you to experience the world through machines.

Once you have the right Arduino* software version installed (version 1.5.3), the simple interface can get you building quickly.

  • The two main functions in Arduino programs are setup and loop. These functions provide the basic structure for all Arduino programs. The setup and loop functions are of type void because they do not return a value.
  • Different types of variables are used to pass around information. Using them makes efficient use of memory and helps the code read better. Also, use the two ways to leave comments freely.
  • You are learning a new language. There are some words that you need to memorize so that you can express yourself through the Intel® Galileo Board. Keep this reference close.


  • There are 1,000 milliseconds in a second. The blink example sends a HIGH (on) and LOW (off) signal with a one-second delay between each instruction. Using the delay function makes the LED blink faster.
  • By passing different values (called parameters) to the delay function, how can you use the LED to express the Morse code message for S.O.S.?
  • What would your sketch look like if you were using two LEDs?
  • How could you improve this program by using variables? Maybe a variable of type integer would be of help.

Getting Started
The Arduino IDE
Hello World
Wrap Up