SSD is in Locked Read-Only Mode


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Solid-state drives entering into a locked read-only mode happens for only one reason. Here is more information about the issue and how to avoid it.

What is happening?

Solid-state drives may enter into a locked read-only mode once the over-provisioned space depletes and the drive exceeds its lifetime writes. The Media Wear-Out Indicator under the SMART attribute E9 measures lifetime writes.

Note The Limited Warranties for Intel® Solid State Drives defines the warranty period as whichever comes first: five years from date of purchase (depending on model) or once the SMART attribute E9 reaches the normalized value of one. This value starts out at 100 on brand new, unused drives.


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When does this issue occur?

The issue occurs when customers purchase the wrong type or model of SSD for their intended usage.

Consumer, professional, and data center drives are designed for different purposes, so they have different endurance ratings. For most end users, their drives never come near to reaching their lifetime write limit. However, a consumer SSD used in a server could reach this limit in a shortened time period.

You can find the Endurance Rating aka Lifetime Writes information on the ARK page of each SSD. Terabytes Written (TBW) or Petabytes written (PBW) express the Endurance Rating and specifies the maximum number of terabytes a host can write to the SSD. It uses the workload specified for the application class while still meeting the requirements of the application class.

We recommend purchasing a drive that best fits your needs. Finding the right fit maintains long-term satisfaction and helps avoid unnecessary failures. Refer to Why Choose a Data Center Class Solid-State Drive?

We also recommend researching the different SSD models and compare against the intended purpose before purchasing. To illustrate, we can compare similar storage capacity versions for:

  • Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series
  • Intel® SSD DC S3710 Series
  • Intel® SSD DC P3608 Series

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